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The Great Website Design Scam

Yannis Anthymidis - April 1, 2020

So you want to make a site for your latest venture.

Having a website establishes maturity and credibility to people who want to know about your business. Whether this is your first or fifth business venture, you want to get started quickly and start serving customers. Hiring a web designer seems like a good shortcut.

I’ll argue against my own industry and say that you shouldn’t.

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At least, not without qualification! Let’s wind it back first and unpack why this shouldn’t be your first instinct, the pitfalls it leads into, and the correct way to commission a website design for your growing enterprise.

Finding your balance

Like a baby learning to walk for the first time, your business needs has to start from a place of stability.

If your business is still in its infancy and still lacks a consistent cash flow, commissioning a bespoke web design may be the thing that causes it to fall over as it’s taking its first steps.

There are a number of issues with jumping the gun on hiring a designer at the startup stage:

  1. An independent designer with some credentials will cost you about a thousand dollars. If you’re very ambitious, a quality website design house that goes beyond a stock template could run you from several to tens of thousands. Consider what this could mean for your fledgling business and your cash-flow sheet, just as you’re starting out.
  2. Skimp on your designer and it may mean there is no support when you want to update the site. And if you need any revisions, they might charge a fee for the changes as well as continued maintenance
  3. There are other fees like your domain or the hosting, which may not be factored into quotes you receive.
  4. All the above is nearly unimportant when you consider that you have an unclear picture of your core business activity and how it’s carried out. While you likely know your product, you don’t know how things will really work day to day.

Hiring a designer early as a one-off isn’t a worthwhile service when you are still working out the best method to speak and market to your customers. I’m happy to say there are ways around this.

Shopping for design without uncertainty

The concerns around the price, maintainability, hidden costs and the changing nature of business can all be worked into a contract with the designer.

With that in mind, these are things you should keep in mind when you’re in the market for professional design for a new business:

  1. Really think about your business rather than your site. Don’t stress about the graphic design and layout, focus instead on the content. A good designer can tailor your website to your product and help determine the best angle with your existing and future marketing. After all, your SEO work will need a good base to start from.
  2. Updates and maintaining the site must be part of the conversation. Your business will see a lot of change in terms of product and branding, especially when you’re still getting it off the ground.
    This is even more important if you will hold sensitive data, like customers’ payment details, as the web security landscape is evolving.
  3. Web designers are familiar with web hosting and other technologies around your site, like services that plug in to your offer. They may come at an additional cost and it’s important to know this in advance so you know what your site will cost, and what value it will return.
  4. Credentials count. Important as they are – don’t judge just on price and continued support; check their portfolio and experience as well, to ensure you’ll get a quality design delivered on time.

Plotting a path forward

We are a web design company and wouldn’t be saying this without cause. Our services come as a package that includes the initial design, plus continued development and support after we launch your new web presence.

We take particular care to tailor the offer to the work our customers do, backed by user analytics and years of experience. In this way, you can invest in Singapore web design assured of reliable service. You can see our full range of services here if you would like a price offer, with an eye to perfecting your firm’s marketing future.

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