Digital Marketing Consultant Singapore

Digital Marketing in Singapore: Hiring a Marketer or Consultant

May Lynne Barrameda - April 11, 2020

It’s all the rage both in Singapore and in many other countries – the idea of hiring a digital marketing consultant to come in and ‘upgrade’ your marketing strategy for a few months. Internet marketing isn’t exactly a new science, but it’s been gaining more and more traction as platforms, search engines and networks make it easier to navigate, filter and search for an audience.

But what does such an ‘upgrade’ actually consist of? And is this a job for a full-time digital marketer or a temporary consultant or even an agency in Singapore? Well, first we need to ask this question:

What does a digital marketer actually DO?

A digital marketing consultant in Singapore

Quite often people get confused at what they’re referring to when they talk about digital marketing. The funny thing is that they’re probably all correct.

That’s because digital marketing covers a broad spectrum of categories – the part that becomes confusing is when you need to hire someone for a subset. That’s why the easiest way to pick out what type of digital marketer you actually need is to go by medium.

Take a look at our list of types of digital marketers and the skills that they may need.


Some digital marketing consultants in Singapore specialise in websites.

The main thing that people talk about when they mention digital marketing is the company website. A website specialist will plan out your sitemap and track your visitor’s journey through your website from the main page to the about page to the blog and so on until they finally fill in that contact form or call or email.

(Website marketing often includes blog marketing too!)

Skills: web design, content planning, SEO, content creation, website management.

Social Media

Social media has gained enough traction that it’s already gotten a niche of its own. The social media specialist is one of the few clear subsets of digital marketing. Outside of managing ad spend, they shape the voice of the company by creating and curating posts and tweets, tracking the latest trends and engaging followers.

Skills: social media ad management, influencer marketing, account management, graphics design


Most people don’t realise that email marketing actually comes under digital marketing. Email marketers specialise in direct sales letters, newsletters, product or industry updates and any other email content that engages potential clients. Recently, email marketing has overlapped with blog and social media to become content marketing.

Skills: email design, direct response copywriting, editorial planning, knowledge of EMS (Email Marketing Services)


When people talk about content marketing, the main medium they refer to is the blog. A blog marketer manages the company blog, mostly creating content themselves or planning topics with a writer and sometimes a designer on hand. Depending on the frequency of article posts, this may be a full-time job in itself.

Skills: blog management, editorial planning, article writing.

Search Engine

Yet another channel that has distinguished itself, search engine marketing refers to SEO or SEM or sometimes both. Don’t confuse the two! SEO mainly refers to keyword optimisation for on-page content like web copy or blog articles. SEM, on the other hand, is all about targeting keywords with ads.

Skills: Keyword research, SEO, SEM, PPC management, Google AdWords.

An effective digital marketing consultant in Singapore can help you land on the first page of Google.

So when do I hire what type of digital marketer?

Before you jump into the hiring process, you should take a look at your marketing needs. It’s very rare to find a digital marketer who can work with every medium and impossible for one person to manage everything at the same time. Go through the list and pick your top channel to focus on and then find yourself the best digital marketer to give you the best value.

How much does it cost to hire a digital marketer?

Here’s a brief overview of average salaries (per annum) according to PayScale:

  1. Web Developer ($35,243)
  2. Copywriter ($39,995)
  3. SEO Manager ($64,800)
  4. Social Media Manager ($50,868)
  5. UX Designer ($50,141)

Depending on types of service, agencies can charge between $1,000 to $20,000 a month. Similarly, individual digital marketing consultants can charge as little as $100 for Facebook ads to $15,000 for a website revamp.