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What to Know Before You Hire an SEO Expert in Singapore

Yannis Anthymidis - May 15, 2020

Search Engine Optimisation, or SEO, is what you do as a business owner to increase your ranking on Google and other search engines. Less than 10% of people click on results below what’s visible on the screen, and the majority restrict themselves to just the first two links.

In this article, we help you find the right SEO expert in Singapore.

As the web is search-driven, it’s important to get it right – and there’s a sea of SEO consultants in Singapore and abroad that are eager to help. In this article, we’ll give our perspective as members of the industry on what brings the highest value to our clients, so they know what to look for.

An Understanding Relationship

SEO consultants should be thought of like any other consultants. It should be thought of as a business relationship with active communication and not a background service you pay for.

Consultants are responsible for asking the right information to make progress, articulating their suggestions clearly, and understanding your specific needs.

Maintaining an effective B2B relationship also demonstrates their ability to communicate. This is an important skill for link-building, a common SEO task.

They Believe in Data

SEO experts use data.

The expert in SEO differentiates himself from web developers and writers through his ability to interpret and exploit search data. We practice a blend of publishing, statistics and web development.

Consultants must be fluent in the language of converting search statistics to actionable goals. This means enhancing your written and social media content, after completing copious data analysis. They must also know the technical side to SEO, in applying web design techniques to give a favourable ranking.

Lastly, they should be able to take numbers and put them into words. They should create an understanding in you and your employees of what the impact of SEO activities are, and how to best meet online goals.

Reputation, Experience, Knowledge

SEO services are pivotal and can be a boon to your firm. However, an inconsiderate approach could actually stunt your ranking. You should be cautious with freelancers who have a limited web presence. The more demonstrable experience there is, the better.

For Singapore businesses, the local angle makes for an attractive value proposition in SEO – and with good reason. A consultant close to home will intuitively know the market, the vibe, and what customers desire. It comes with where you live. In an internationalised world, a local can find opportunities in marketing data and keywords that others would miss.

Check Their Own Website for Proof

If someone is selling their services online – Google is already ranking them! Being able to take care of their own house should be a minimum. Some things you want to check are:

  • See how they write. Spelling errors get you marked down by Google. Ensure their language skills are sufficient, as they may end up creating content for you.
  • Their portfolio of past work can give you an idea of how well they do their job. You can test their clients’ sites against the search engine to see how they’ve performed.
  • Search by their trading/company name. Is the description convincing? What if you add the keyword ‘SEO’ or ‘Singapore’? Are they mostly about web design, or are they experts on analytics and ranking?

If they are able to market themselves and have the credentials to back it up, you can be more confident in choosing them for your online activity.

How much does an SEO expert cost?

We left this question for last. The most common packages are monthly and will usually cost you from $750 to $1500. There are limited, one-off audits available, but you will miss out on the benefits of a tailored service that a great consultant can bring. We have a separate article addressing the question in more detail.

Many SEO agents and companies will not have a list price. They agree on services and support based on the client’s needs. This includes ourselves. We are a Singapore-based design firm with an SEO focus and would be happy to assist. Please don’t hesitate to send us a quick email and get started with our help in boosting your ranking.