Moz: A Quick Guide to Their SEO and Marketing Tools

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Moz is a company that focuses on search engine optimisation (SEO)—a powerful internet-based marketing strategy that drives more visitors to a website. Making SEO campaigns successful is the main objective of their business platform. In this post, we learn about Moz’s offerings and how they help with SEO efforts.

A Brief History of Moz

The company was founded by Rand Fishkin and Gillian Muessig in 2004. They began with a site called SEOmoz. It featured some SEO experts’ findings and knowledge written in blog posts.

The site became more popular, so the business became a consulting firm. In 2013, the company underwent rebranding under a new name: Moz. Their current focus is on marketing analytics, delivering software subscriptions to their customers.

Moz Products and Programs

Moz Pro

 This subscription service promises to remove the complexities of SEO.  It comes with the following tools:

  • Keyword Explorer. A research tool that allows you to determine which keywords are best to target for your business. Keywords are the search terms that your potential customers type in the search bar to find products/services like what you’re offering.
  • Rank tracking. It generates a report that shows your search engine ranking based on a keyword.
  • Site Crawl. This tool detects issues that hinder search engines from completely crawling your website.
  • On-page optimisation. The tool audits your content and suggests ways on how to fully maximise your website’s potential to rank. Its auditing basis is your target keywords.
  • Link research. Google places more importance on sites pointed from high-quality links. So you can use this tool to get more quality links and lessen the spammy ones.
  • Custom reports. You can have a full overview of your SEO performance by using Moz’s adjustable reporting system.

Moz Local

Moz Local is a service that helps businesses optimise their local listings. They offer two packages. One for small businesses, another for enterprises. This tool is mostly automated. You only need to input the info required for each business branch. Moz Local sends your listing to directories where your potential clients are looking as well as search engines.

Moz Whiteboard Friday

This web series is posted on Moz’s blog page. It started before the company started their SEO software subscriptions. It covers a variety of SEO topics from writing your content to link building.

Latest Product

In October this year, Moz launched a tool called Domain Analysis. Three reports can be generated for free users. Their subscribers, on the other hand, get unlimited reports from the tool. These are the metrics previewed in the report:

  • Domain authority
  • Linking root domains
  • Top linking domains
  • Number of ranking keywords
  • Top ranking keywords
  • Top branded keywords
  • Keyword ranking distribution
  • Keywords by estimated clicks 
  • Spam score
  • Top pages
  • Discovered and lost links
  • Top search competitors
  • Top featured snippets 
  • Top search questions

They created this tool specifically for users who want to check the mentioned metrics without the need to log-in or sign-up for a subscription.

Why is Moz commonly used by SEO professionals?

SEO is not a one-off project. It is done in stages and in a continuous manner. That’s why professionals need software programs from Moz. Their tools offer reports that are constantly updated. They detect activities of competitors, informing SEO experts about where their websites stand. Moz’s offerings guide the entire campaign from the beginning until the assessment stage. These tools can also detect errors within the SEO efforts so that they can be rectified immediately.

SEO Tools vs. SEO Experts

Now that you’ve learned about Moz. You will be faced with two choices. To go with SEO tools like Moz provides or hire an SEO expert, like CX Vibrancy.

Studying about SEO is a practical option, but it takes away your focus on your business. Aside from learning the principles, you’ll need to study the tools and how to make sense of the metrics. The campaign will be a trial-and-error affair, which will definitely cost more money.

If you choose SEO experts, you will save time. Experts have worked with a lot of clients, meaning they have adequate experience with what you need. They are updated with the latest standards and have the resources to make your campaign a successful one.

The choice is up to you.

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