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Search Engines and Their Significance to Your Business

May Lynne Barrameda – 

Search engines have improved over the years. And they will only get more accurate in delivering satisfying results to users. These engines evolved from mere FTP sites with indices of downloadable files in the early ‘90s to the fast information retrieval tool that we know them today. 

In this post, we look at some aspects of search engines and their importance to your business.

What are the types of search engines?

There are four types of search engines:


A crawler-based search engine uses bots or spiders that crawl tons of web pages and add new content to its database. The pages get indexed, a process wherein the words that best describe the page are determined. Afterwards, the pages are calculated for relevancy with the terms used by users. Major search engines like Google, Bing and Yahoo are always finding ways to deliver the best results by updating their algorithms.

Directories (human-powered search engines)

Search engines of this type are manually maintained by people. Submitted links and descriptions by site owners are approved by designated staff. When a keyword is entered in the search bar, the human-powered engine will look for a description that best matches the term. An example is a website called DMOZ.

Hybrid Search Engines

This type combines the capabilities of crawlers and directories. Some sites offer a choice between searching on a directory or via web. The others will give you results indexed by crawlers and the directory staff. The latter will deliver human-powered results.

Meta Search Engines

These engines gather results from other search engines and consolidate them in one big listing. The combination of results is the main advantage of meta search engines. However, relevancy is compromised. Examples include Dogpile and

The commonly used search engine

Among the four types, the most used are the crawler-based search engines. And among the list of this type, Google is at the top spot.

Why is Google the best search engine?

Google has spent years to give searchers precise results in a speedy manner. It has grown from a Stanford University research project called BackRub to an engine with strict algorithms and standards. It is so important to online users that people would simply say “Google it,” instead of “search it online.”

Google 1998 vs. 1999

Since Google is regarded as the best, businesses big and small look for strategies to achieve an online presence and improve their search rankings. After all, more than 50% of traffic comes from organic results alone.

Why should you invest in Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)?

Getting your website out there is simply not enough to get recognised and ranked by Google. You need to work on your SEO to get noticed by the search engine giant. Remember that search engines are user-centric. So if you publish your content without keyword research, the performance of your website will remain stagnant.

The main goal here is to get ranked in an organic results page—the largest portion of a search engine result page (SERP). Specific strategies within your website (on-page SEO) and outside it (off-page SEO) need to be done in order to make your website appear on organic results.

A major reason to invest in SEO is to make your brand visible. And this can be achieved if you improve your Google ranking. Most people will stop on the first page of a results page. If you achieve a good ranking, people will start noticing your business.

For companies, brand visibility should be the main focus of a first set of SEO campaigns. Consumers always have an inclination to go to their trusted brands. So how do you increase trust? By earning credibility. In terms of search engine results, people tend to rely on the top pages of Google. Therefore, if you score a high ranking, your credibility will also improve.

May Lynne Barrameda
May Lynne is one of CX Vibrancy’s web designers and writers. She likes challenges, whether it’s hiking Nusa Penida’s perilous Kelingking Beach in Bali or simply figuring out a layout that works best for clients. In her spare time, she plays games on her Switch and draws for fun.
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