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Reasons to Hire an SEO Agency in Singapore

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Who Really Needs SEO?

There is no denying the future is here and business is booming for any SEO agency or digital marketing company in progressive countries like Singapore. The city-state has evolved into a prime business and financial hub in the SEA region with various industries driving its dynamic economic environment. With all this fast-paced commercial growth, companies and business owners cannot afford to be left behind on local SEO and modern marketing efforts.

The numbers don’t lie: Singaporeans are predominantly heavy internet users. Recent studies have shown 84% of the country’s population has gone online with a considerable portion of them using smartphones and mobile devices to research information on the web. No matter how big or small your business in Singapore may be, adding quality online content about your company or services to your marketing efforts is a logical step in the right direction.

How Important is Local SEO in Singapore?

Google is undeniably the top search engine of choice for many users worldwide and in Singapore. With the high costs of paid options like search advertising, small business owners and companies are turning to local SEO techniques to capitalize on the tech giant’s share of the country’s search engine market:

Market share of leading search engines across Singapore © Statista 2019

Market share of leading search engines across Singapore

Over 3.8 million search queries pass through Google’s search engines every minute and the use of mobile devices while shopping is a rising trend in developing countries across the SEA. Further statistics show 64% of the adult population in Singapore have reported using a search engine to compare prices or look up local businesses at least once a week. Investing in local SEO is, without a doubt, a marketing opportunity no Singaporean business can afford to miss.

What Services Does an SEO Agency Offer?

SEO firms come in various sizes covering a range of specialisations based on their resources and existing network of professionals and partners on the field. They differ from SEO consultants primarily in terms of scope, pricing and manpower.

In Singapore, it’s become common for agencies to offer SEO packages on a monthly pricing model. Some examples of services that may be included in these packages are on-page and off-page SEO, link-building and even web content creation for blog and news article-writing arrangements. Larger companies can also branch into other digital marketing activities, bundling related services like website design and web development as add-ons to the packages they offer.

Why Hire an Agency When You Can Do Your Own SEO?

  1. Time-saving – Not knowing where to start with your SEO campaign is a common problem faced by new webmasters with no experience in dealing with search engine algorithms and website maintenance. Doing organic SEO and continuously producing quality online content to rank high in SERPs is a demanding and time-consuming job. Leaving the heavy lifting to professionals can cut down the time it takes to get your campaign running and leave you free to do other important things like growing your business or managing your company.
  2. More Manpower – It takes time and dedication to constantly produce quality online content. Hiring SEO consultants or an agency will free up your workers to do their own assigned tasks and lessen the likelihood of employee burnout.
  3. Up-to-date knowledge– Time is the enemy. Developers of search engines are constantly updating their systems and algorithms to better process and index the massive amount of websites and content online. The best “SEO hacks” this year could be obsolete the next and it’s easy to fall into the trap of using ineffective and outdated practices without doing extensive research. Part of an SEO consultant’s job is to keep up with the ever-changing trends and updates of these technologies to provide clients with reliable advice where it is needed.
  4. Expertise – The abundance of DIY guides online can be a double-edged sword leading to more complicated questions than answers. After all, efficient marketing isn’t always about trying everything and seeing what sticks. Making too many rookie mistakes can cost precious time and money. Seeking the help of a seasoned SEO pro ensures you make fewer mistakes in planning your marketing campaign and recover quickly whenever you hit a stumbling block or a problem.
  5. Connections and networking – SEO professionals have spent more time rubbing elbows with peers and forging vital links within the industry. By hiring an SEO agency, you not only receive the benefits of their services but gain access to their network of partners as well.

How Can CX Vibrancy Help?

As a growing digital marketing and web design agency based in Singapore, we best understand what local entrepreneurs, companies and businesses need to strengthen their online presence. We work in small teams to deliver cost-effective, results-driven solutions for clients both on home ground and overseas. Backed by solid market analysis, extensive content research, website optimisation and updated SEO strategies, our agency is ready to create opportunities for individuals, startups, small and medium businesses and even large corporate companies throughout Singapore, Thailand and the UK.

Nicole Sison
Nicole is an in-house Writer/Web Designer hybrid at CX Vibrancy International. When she's not busy editing blog articles or making websites look fabulous, she spends her days binging on anime and playing online video games.
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